“The themes of social justice, the magic of water, and the power of queer love to create a different world—these are themes that I return to again and again in my writing and my life.”


Review, Hyphen

“Kimiko Hahn and Tamiko Beyer’s Dovetail (Slapering Hol Press, 2017) is a beautiful object, featuring a dark blue cover with a letterpress title and the faintest silver outlines of the shapes of two dovetailing pieces of wood coming together around a cutout that allows a glimpse into the woodblock print on the second page.”


Review, Lambda LIterary

“Tamiko Beyer packs a good deal of complication into We Come Elemental, her slim new book of poetry from Alice James Books. With a lean, lyrical style, Beyer asks the reader to contemplate the connection between the natural world and ourselves; how water and mud and land intersect with identity and body and politics; and whether the lines we draw are as firm as we would have ourselves believe.”


Review, The Rumpus

“The idea at the heart of Tamiko Beyer’s We Come Elemental is that queer is a natural order. She offers a series of intimate observations that human, and especially female, sexuality, lesbian sexuality, and the natural world are mysteriously intertwined.”


Review, Hyphen

“Beyer thrills with her capacity to observe and render into succinct and lyrical language a bold commentary on the difficulties and limitations of human experience.”

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