Tamiko Beyer

Writing for social change

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We Come Elemental

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Winner of the  2011 Kinereth Gensler Award

Finalist, 2014 Lambda Literary Awards

"In her lovely, complicated poems, Beyer . . . suggests that queerness isn’t relegated to gender or love but is part of the ebb and flow of everything.—Library Journal

"What is remarkable about We Come Elemental is that it effectively queers nature and body without explicitly doing so…. Gender, sexuality, and body coexist with the ever-changing tides, and desire is upheld as a pure form of (re)creation. Beyer has written a nuanced book that deserves a careful, joyous, and thoughtful read." —Lambda Literary

"[Tamiko Beyer] brings the sad, tiny lyric poem that lately has been used to express mere post-postmodernist nonsense, and delivers to us a charged, politically relevant, aesthetically revealing book. Beyer is the real deal. Read this book." —The Rumpus

"Tamiko Beyer’s collection of poems, We Come Elemental, confirms the arrival of an exciting new talent, a poet whose ability to mine seemingly infinite meanings from objects and ideas permits an exploration of the contradictory, paradoxical, and complicated nature of human existence."—Hyphen Magazine



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Image: Cover of “Dovetail, Poems in Conversation and a Conversation”

Image: Cover of “Dovetail, Poems in Conversation and a Conversation”

A collaborative chapbook, with Kimiko Hahn

“Kimiko Hahn and Tamiko Beyer’s Dovetail (Slapering Hol Press, 2017) is a beautiful object, featuring a dark blue cover with a letterpress title and the faintest silver outlines of the shapes of two dovetailing pieces of wood coming together around a cutout that allows a glimpse into the woodblock print on the second page. … The collaboration between Hahn and Beyer began as an exchange of words and phrases from their respective childhoods that ‘resonated and radiated over time,’ a process that the authors describe as being like a game of Cat’s Cradle. ‘It invokes strong tactile memories of the feel of yarn through my fingers, the loosening and tightening, my fingers stiff or agile — and a visual memory of the magic of patterns emerging from a set of memorized actions,’ Beyer writes.”

—Hyphen Magazine

bough breaks

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A chapbook published by Meritage Press

Lullabies are strange things. They console and terrify with a single melodic truth: the beauty of life is the mystery of death. Tamiko Beyer understands the uncanny spirit of the lullaby. She wields her lyric power deftly, taking words like “being,” “parent,” and “poet,” and splintering their meaning. She skillfully breaks and resets form, creating poems that are terse, tender and ultimately, enduring.

—Tisa Bryant

In a trance-driven lineage of serious thinkers which include the likes of Myung Mi Kim, Jessica Grim and Bruna Mori, Tamiko Beyer does not separate the experience of a gendered body from genres of thought. This writing lies down between poetry and theory and makes a bed there, a bed of textured experience and fabulous rhythms.

—Kazim Ali

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