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Women Authoring Change

Earlier this month, I was featured on Hedgebrook's website.

Hedgebrook is a beautiful writer's retreat (or, as Gloria Steinem says, an advance) on Whidbey Island in the Pacific Northwest.  

Many years ago, I stayed for a month in a snug cottage called Fir, read a lot, and wrote even more. 

Hedgebrook asks nothing more of the writers they invite than to be present and take care of themselves and each other. It is a rare gift. I still feel incredibly for the radical hospitality I experienced and the community I found. Thank you, Hedgebrook!

Celebrating my birthday with my lunch basket and flowers from the garden

Celebrating my birthday with my lunch basket and flowers from the garden

Interview in Lantern Review

I recently talked with Wendy Chin-Tanner of the Lantern Review.


... I am more interested in exploring the ambiguities of identities—the liminal and multifaceted—as reflected in language [that is in] itself more ambiguous and uncertain. As a femme-identified, mixed race woman often read as white, I am always interested in provoking uncertainty and ambiguity in those who “read” me—my body and my texts.

Along those lines, I’ve also been interested in exploring desire as a queering form. In returning to some of my thoughts at the beginning of this interview, what I am interested [in] as a queer being is the queerness of my desires—sexual and romantic and intellectual and poetic and political.

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