Tamiko Beyer

Poet and writer. Author of We Come Elemental and bough breaks.


Review in Lambda Literary

Thank you to Lambda Literary and Arielle Yarwood for this review.

 I don't know if other poets feel this way, but I've felt a little vulnerable since the launch of We Come Elemental. It's a big, wide world, and my poems are out there, fending for themselves.  But Yarwood's insightful review makes me feel like it will be ok. The book is doing its thing, and I'm so grateful.


What is remarkable about We Come Elemental is that it effectively queers nature and body without explicitly doing so – the assembled poems create such a liminal, flexible space that artificial lines in the sand are washed away, so to speak. Gender, sexuality, and body coexist with the ever-changing tides, and desire is upheld as a pure form of (re)creation. Beyer has written a nuanced book that deserves a careful, joyous, and thoughtful read.
— Arielle Yarwood, Lambda Literary

Interview in Lantern Review

I recently talked with Wendy Chin-Tanner of the Lantern Review.


... I am more interested in exploring the ambiguities of identities—the liminal and multifaceted—as reflected in language [that is in] itself more ambiguous and uncertain. As a femme-identified, mixed race woman often read as white, I am always interested in provoking uncertainty and ambiguity in those who “read” me—my body and my texts.

Along those lines, I’ve also been interested in exploring desire as a queering form. In returning to some of my thoughts at the beginning of this interview, what I am interested [in] as a queer being is the queerness of my desires—sexual and romantic and intellectual and poetic and political.

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