October updates: Haiku songs , protecting our water, and more

 Happy fall! Here in Boston, autumn has been full blue skies and golden leaves. And October has brought a cornucopia of poetry and water-related news.

For example, I'm loving taking part in a collaboration project with musician Howard Lew, who is setting three of my haiku to music. The first two are here

At the start of the month, The Rumpus posted a lovely review of We Come Elemental by Sean Singer.

In Brooklyn, I got to engage in a fascinating reading and conversation about fractured landscapes at the Asian American Writers' Workshop's Page Turner.  

I also just found out the book was one of the top SPD poetry bestsellers in September. Pretty psyched about that.


I'm also keeping my eye on St. Louis -- water transnational Veolia has been lobbying hard for almost for a year for contract with the city, despite strong public opposition. This week, the mayor tried to bypass the democratic process, but, thanks to some quick on-the-ground mobilizing and media work, the folks of St. Louis didn't let that happen. As many of you know, I'm a huge fan of our water infrastructure, and feel strongly about ensuring water stays public hands -- in the U.S. and globally. Check out Corporate Accountability International's work on water.


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